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February 2010

We've just published our second book over at Object Press. In the Train is the latest work by the celebrated French novelist Christian Oster. Here's a little description:

Frank meets Anne on the station platform in Paris. She is struggling with a heavy bag, and he immediately wants to help. From that first moment, his thoughts and anxieties unravel in a sharply focused, introspective narrative. Falling in love isn’t easy for Frank, who quickly discovers he is never standing on solid ground.
    A triumph of humor and insight, In the Train is Christian Oster’s fourth novel to be available in translation. Illuminated by his unmistakable style, it’s an inventive, ardent, and honest look at those thoughts and desires that can make us equally prone to passion, vertigo, and, in a pinch, to love.

Christian Oster: In the Train

'Everything in this novel is finely sculpted and perfectly attuned, so light in appearance and intensely revealing in truth.' --L’Express

Please visit Object Press and the book’s detail page for a preview, including a brief excerpt and an interview with the author.



April 2009

I've just launched a new project: Object Press. A new publishing house with a focus on innovative fiction.

Our first title is Long Slow Distance, a novel by Thomas Phillips. Thomas (aka Tomas) Phillips is perhaps best known as a composer of minimalist electronic music. This is his first novel.

A poetic and at times mysterious novel, Long Slow Distance begins as a portrait of a person, a runner, who appears to have difficulty in occupying the world around him. His identity is ambiguous, his manner, calm. He is thin. As he moves (thinks, runs, works, shares), his own corporeity is increasingly called into question. He seems to disappear, he moves on. What follows is a series of snapshots—of events, lives, environments, bodies in motion—that proceeds from one city to another, and in which one might encounter a semblance, the runner’s faint yet indelible footprints. Always moving, forever becoming, disappearing.

Thomas Phillips: Long Slow Distance

'Phillips’s ability to hold his readers’ rapt attention is nothing short of extraordinary.' --Diane Kidman, carp(e) libris

Please visit us at for more details and purchasing options.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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